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April 10, 2023

Silver King’s countertop prep tables are a flexible solution for foodservice operations with limited space. If you’re a foodservice owner-operator looking for ways to maximize your workspace, Silver King’s countertop prep tables are the perfect solution. These tables can transform any work surface into a refrigerated prep station, allowing owners to accelerate their menu assembly and streamline their workflow.

Designed for maximum flexibility. This makes them perfect for assembling a variety of menu items like sandwiches, salads, burritos, and pizzas. They are ideal for both traditional and mobile foodservice operations.

We feature a high-efficiency refrigeration system and environmentally-friendly R290 refrigerant as key features that make these tables an excellent choice for environmentally-conscious owners. Countertop prep tables  use a cold wall design to ensure a uniform temperature throughout the cabinet, keeping ingredients fresh and at the right temperature.

Additionally, the easy-to-clean stainless-steel construction ensures that they are durable and convenient to maintain. Stainless steel exteriors and interiors with coved corners and finished edges make sanitation simple. The lightweight, durable construction of these tables makes them easy to move for various foodservice businesses, including limited and full-service restaurants, catering services, and food trucks.

Our prep tables streamline operations, bringing ingredients directly to the workstation, and allowing chefs and cooks to work faster and more efficiently. With the refrigerated countertop compartment, users can position key ingredients along their work surface to speed up the workflow and fast-track menu assembly.

Silver King’s countertop prep tables are an excellent choice for any foodservice business that needs a quick and easy refrigerated prep station. They are environmentally friendly, easy to clean, and perfect for accelerating menu assembly, making them a versatile and functional addition to any foodservice operation.

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