News To Know

June 13, 2024

Plant-based diets have recently gained speed in the food and beverage industry, with the plant-based market being worth a whopping $8.1 billion*. Restaurants and stores have adapted to this trend, accommodating with plant-based beef on menus or grab-and-go meals on store shelves.

What is a plant-based diet?

A plant-based diet includes eating foods that are based from plants, attempting to limit meat and dairy. Some examples of plant-based foods include nuts, beans, fruits, vegetables, and grains.

Benefits of implementing a plant-based diet include:

  • Ethicality
  • Better for the environment
  • Full of nutrients
  • Improved wellbeing

Plant-based technology

With the rise of plant-based food, new, innovative technologies are needed to help put together plant-based dishes. With the help of Silver King, all your plant-based needs are covered. Silver King’s Dairy Dispensers are fit to keep a spectrum of plant-based milk stored at the perfect temperature. Also, Silver King’s Prep Tables are the perfect place to start creating plant-based dishes. As most plant-based foods need to be always refrigerated, utilize our refrigeration equipment to store all your plant-based ingredients, which can hold the maximum but fit in tight spaces. Our solutions can aid you in all your plant-based prep.

What are some competitive advantages of having plant-based products?

Increased profits. Because plant-based ingredients are more expensive, businesses can charge more for these premium products and therefore increase net profit.

Easy to incorporate. Usually, a plant-based product replaces just one ingredient in a dish, making it easy for workers to make but also being very efficient.

Inclusivity. Carrying Plant-based ingredients helps promote a sense of inclusivity and bring in a new range of diverse customers that were not previously possible. These customers could then turn into regulars and drive profit.

Safety and Reliability. Plant-based foods have a longer shelf life, and the production process is more sterile due to not having to worry about the bacteria that can be present in meat.

Overall, our solutions can help you transition into a plant-based lifestyle.


Good Food Institute*