News To Know

July 1, 2024

Recently, consumers in the foodservice industry have been preferring to dine at restaurants that use locally sourced ingredients and help the community. This is in response to the worldwide sustainability and wellness initiatives that have been influencing new world trends. Now, restaurants are catering to this new audience by attempting to increase their local presence and promoting a sense of community.

What does it mean to be locally sourced?

Locally sourcing is getting ingredients from a nearby, local source that is close to wherever they are applied. Being locally sourced lets customers know that their food is fresh, sustainable, and beneficial for their health. This also fosters a sense of community and allows for a local, small business to be supported rather than a large conglomerate.


Using locally sourced ingredients tells a story about each dish and inspires customers. Every dish that is served can tell a tale about how it got to where it is now due to the simplicity of sourcing locally. Restaurants also can educate customers on sustainable food and encourage them to support the community. The farm-to-table experience improves customer dining and ignites a passion in customers to eat sustainably.

How else are restaurants staying local?

Building relationships. Restaurants will go to local events, such as farmers markets, and connect with local influencers to build a relationship with their intended audience. This allows customers to organically share their restaurant name with others nearby.

Social Media. Restaurants utilize social media to reach out to people within their area, employing geographical hashtags, ads, and locally geared posts.

Following local customer trends. Restaurants can take customer data and change different restaurant aspects like menus to match the preferences of local customers.

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