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June 19, 2023

During the COVID-19 pandemic, on-site restaurants were forced to close their doors. While this was definitive for some, others overcame the constraint by embracing the opportunity in it by focusing on implementing minimal-to-zero contact modalities. Now, takeout and delivery are habits we have adopted.  

The convenience of these modalities for both consumers and restaurants has led to the emergence of a new business model known as Ghost Kitchens. 

What is a Ghost Kitchen? 

Ghost Kitchens, Dark Kitchens, or Silent Kitchens are the latest trend in the restaurant industry. These restaurants focus on preparing food and offer online ordering or delivery, allowing you to enjoy restaurant-quality cuisine from your own home. 

What are Ghost Kitchens’ competitive advantages? 

One of the key benefits of adopting this emerging business model is that it requires a much lower initial investment compared to traditional models. This is evident in the following factors. 

Real estate. Without a dining room, the cost of renting a space is typically lower due to the reduced space needed. Ghost Kitchens prioritize different factors compared to traditional restaurants, with location, parking, and terrace being of lesser importance. 

Personnel. Ghost Kitchens are gaining popularity as a solution to the staff shortage and high turnover rates in the gastronomy industry. These kitchens require significantly fewer personnel as they operate without service staff. 

Supplies. Acquisition costs are lower as tableware, cutlery, glasses, table linens, and furniture are not required. 

Flexibility. One of the major benefits of this business model is its ability to adapt to new trends. In comparison to a traditional restaurant, the cost of making recurring changes such as updating furniture, image, and concept is significantly lower.  

It’s interesting to note that in Ghost Kitchens, multiple concepts could be offered by the same chefs in one kitchen. This is made possible by the fact that these businesses operate mainly online. For instance, a single kitchen could focus on vegan cuisine and offer a brand of bowls, wraps, and salads for breakfast and lunch, while also featuring another brand of vegan hot dogs and burgers for dinner. This approach allows them to cater to different consumers and maximize their online exposure.  

Restaurants globally, including in the US, are switching to a new modality that’s boosting sales. The pandemic has made delivery a habit, leading to the growth of ghost kitchens. They continue to thrive even as conventional restaurants reopen.  

In short, the Ghost Kitchen business model is here to stay, from which new models are sure to emerge that will continue to innovate the foodservice industry.  

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