News To Know

June 8, 2023

Operators need to have more flexibility than ever to respond to evolving customer demands. Drive-thru, delivery, and increasing traffic levels force you to be on your toes. Easily moving your equipment around for different workflow needs makes it much easier to be efficient. Casters play a significant role in mobility, ensuring smooth movement, stability, and easy access for maintenance and cleaning. Selecting the appropriate caster type and material requires careful consideration to avoid potential headaches or disruptions in operations.  

Silver King has 18 SKUs which have heavy-duty casters and three types of caster wheel material—Nylon for limited use, polyolefin to fit most applications, and 30% glass filled nylon for more extreme situations. The choice of material can be affected by several variables. 

Load Capacity and Weight Distribution Refrigeration equipment can be heavy, especially when fully loaded. Ensure that the casters you choose have an adequate load capacity to support the weight of the equipment. We consider nylon material to be suited for weights up to 250 pounds, polyolefin between 250 and 400 pounds, and 30% glass filled nylon for use of heavier equipment around 500 pounds.  

Floor Conditions New, rough texture flooring (or non-skid) is being utilized in commercial kitchens more often. It eliminates a safety risk for employees but requires utilizing heavy-duty casters in order to handle this style flooring. Soft casters will break away into small pieces if used on the rough texture flooring. Our casters handle rough floor surfaces with ease. 

Temperature Resistance Refrigeration equipment operates in cold environments, and the casters must be able to withstand low temperatures without compromising performance. Our heavy-duty casters are designed for cold storage applications, as they are typically made so they can withstand extreme temperatures without becoming brittle or losing functionality. 

Corrosion Resistance The presence of moisture and condensation in refrigeration environments necessitates casters be resistant to corrosion. Look for stainless steel or corrosion-resistant coatings to ensure longevity and prevent rusting or degradation over time. All of our heavy-duty casters perform flawlessly in these harsh environments. 

Choosing the right heavy-duty casters for refrigeration equipment is vital for maintaining efficient and trouble-free operations. By considering various factors, you can ensure that your refrigeration equipment moves smoothly, remains stable, and functions optimally throughout its lifespan.  

Check out our entire product line to see the caster options available on each type of equipment. These valuable product details help those researching and comparing models or planning their future purchases — we even have manuals for those caring for equipment after-sale.