News To Know

December 2, 2022

Make the shift to serving more cost-efficient bulk milk with Silver King’s reliable milk dispenser line up.

Individual milk cartons are a significant contributor to waste at schools, universities, and hospitals. You can reduce overall waste by up to 40%, and that can help you offset the rise in overall food costs.

Silver King milk dispensers are available in three sizes to fit your needs and ensure the freshness of every drink.

High-Volume packaging flexibility. There is no concern for packaging type when loading these dispensers. Designed to use flexible packaging, each crate or hopper can hold 3-gallon, 5-gallon, or 6-gallon bags. The dispenser also accommodates bag-in-box and manual fill stainless steel cans. You can purchase the format that is most economical for your operation.

We keep things cool with eco-friendly refrigerant to look out for the environment. All of our equipment features R290 refrigerant, one of the most environmentally friendly choices with a global warming potential (GWP) of 3. R290 is proven safe, readily available, and familiar to service teams.

Dripless operation ensures cleanliness and crew efficiency. The spring-loaded lift valve ensures dripless dispense for optimal sanitation, reduced waste, and convenient one-handed operation.

We want our dispensers to be an easy fit in your kitchen. Our dispensers are designed for uptime and durability. We make that happen because of our stainless-steel exterior with galvanized bottom and heavy-duty door hinges that ensure long-lasting operation. Maintenance and cleaning are simplified with the stainless-steel interior with coved corners, finished edges, removable door gasket, and elevated legs.

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