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Our Products

Our extensive line of products include display cases, merchandisers, refrigerators, fountainettes, prep tables, milk dispensers, salad prep systems, and freezers. Explore our full line of products below.

Refrigerated Chef Base

Chef Bases

At Silver King we understand that all space in the kitchen is valuable.  Our chef bases have premier slide and framework that promotes lateral stability offering high dynamic load capacities and a stay-shut feature.

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Milk Dispensers

Whatever size of Majestic Milk Dispenser you choose, you can expect years of dependable performance.

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Our fountainettes feature a stainless steel design that improves functionality and efficiency.

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Salad Prep Systems

Silver King’s Salad prep systems keep garden lettuce, crisp, cool and fresh with adjustable temperature controls and built-in temperature indicator.

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Display Cases & Merchandisers

Silver King’s display cases and merchandisers are designed with storage and food safety in mind.

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Prep Tables

Silver King’s multi-functional prep tables make assembling ingredients quick by combining both work area and refrigeration.

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SKDI Freezer


Our noiseless freezers are made with quality materials to ensure maximum strength and durability.

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Silver King provides a full line of refrigeration solutions that are both reliable and energy efficient.

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